Second Week

What I watched:

  • Tv: Naked and Afraid, Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redskins
  • Netflix: Psych, House Hunters, Law and Order Special Victims Unit

What I listened to:

  • Pandora: Eagles Radio, Laffy Taffy Radio

What I read:

  • Chapter 1 of my Family Law textbook

What I consumed… End of First week

As a kid, I would always look forward to coming home after school and watching my cartoons. One of these cartoons would be Recess. However, watching this show when I was 10 and watching it now when I’m 21 – I see things very differently. I wouldn’t say that I had a terrible taste when I was younger but it has definitely changed as I grew up. One thing I did not realize when I was younger was how bad the graphics were and how sometimes the words did not match up with the character talking. It did bring back many happy memories and for that I am grateful that I took the time out of my day to watch it.